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ur Martin—but you must confess tha●t all the outside inspiration you get in Eng■land in your art and your literature ●is Latin. I say ‘outside,’ fo■r naturally you draw from your own● noble wells; b

ut for nearly a generation th■e fin esprit anglais, in all i●ts delicacy and all its subtlety and al●l its humanity is in every way● sympathetic with the fin esprit fra●n?ais. Is not that true?” “Now I come to thi●nk of it,” said Martin, “I suppose it ■is. I represent the more or less edu●cated middle-class Englishman, and, so far as ●I am aware of any influence on my life, ev■erything outside of England that● has moved me has been French. ■As far as I know, Germany has not produced one g●reat work of

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